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203K Renovation Services

We're A 203K Certified Contractor!

Finding and buying your dream home can be a challenge in today’s real estate market. If you are out looking at houses, you know many of them need repairs and remodeling in order to make them livable for your family. Completing repairs and dealing with financing is one of the best reasons to consider a 203K loan.

Keselman Construction Group, Inc., is a full-service residential construction company and a certified Cleveland 203K contractor. Our team works seamlessly with the homeowner, lender, consultant, and realtor to ensure the renovation process runs smoothly. The fact is, we have a long list of clients offering wonderful testimonials on our understanding of the 203K process and how easy we are to work with.

If you’re moving forward with a 203K loan, please consider Keselman Construction Group all of your home’s repairs.


203K Benefits To Borrowers

  • Renovate your home with little or no additional out-of-pocket expenses and a low down payment.
  • Combine purchase/refinance + rehab funds into one low-interest, tax-deductible mortgage based on improved appraised value.
  • Include mortgage payments in the loan to cover rehab period.
  • Submit a strong purchase offer if presented properly to sellers.
  • Experience less competition from other buyers who are not in the market for fixer-uppers and enjoy greater opportunities for “good deals” on home purchases.
  • Choose from a broader selection of homes for sale in any condition, including condos, townhouses, mixed-use, multi-family, single-family dwellings, and those that are below FHA standards.


203K Benefits To Sellers

  • Market properties to more buyers
  • Allow buyers the opportunity to renovate to suit their tastes and preferences. 
  • No need to settle for low-ball cash offers.
  • Current condition of property not required to meet FHA’s minimum property standards.
  • Buyer is permitted to correct FHA property deficiencies after close of escrow.
  • Absolutely no repairs are required prior to close of escrow.
  • Seller not responsible for the cost of repairs.
  • Transaction will close with property in “as-is” condition.
  • Close escrow in 45-60 days.

203K Benefits To Realtors & Lenders

  • Increase your income by selling more homes and originating more loans.
  • Raise real estate values by improving homes and neighborhoods.
  • Decrease foreclosure inventory.
  • Help buyers who previously could not buy homes.
  • Help sellers/owners with properties in outdated or fix-up condition.
  • Spur economic growth by creating job opportunities in the construction and remodeling industry.
  • Promote a niche program that few other realtors and lenders utilize.
  • Revitalize your community.

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